Watkinscole Achieves Constructionline Gold Membership Accreditation

Watkinscole Achieves Constructionline Gold Membership Accreditation

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We have recently achieved Gold-level membership at Constructionline. “So what?” Some may ask. This industry accreditation indicates our commitment to the high level of safety standards that Watkinscole implement in all commercial electrical and mechanical projects. Achieving industry recognised accreditation for our Company is an important factor in the continued growth and development and has some benefits that may not be immediately obvious. Read on to understand why industry-level recognition matters in the construction sector. I also provide insights into the Constructionline Gold Standard Award, what it takes to achieve the recognition and how it will influence our business going forward.

Why awards matter in construction?

Anyone can set up a company these days, the construction industry has the unfortunate reputation of ‘cowboy’ individuals posing as professionals jeopardising the integrity of the industry. Unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult to tell the amateurs apart from reputable contractors at face value, which can lead to costly mistakes from poor practices for those who choose the wrong company. Accreditations and awards are a reliable way to check whether you are looking at a contractor you can trust. Watkinscole takes pride in the effort that our team has put into achieving this accreditation, which identifies our level of commitment to the high standards of good practice required to achieve the Gold standard membership.

Accreditation can help contractors in many ways including these three main benefits:

  • Tender for projects – a growing number of prominent companies require Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) accreditation before they will consider a contractor for projects. A great example is a recent project where we provided all of the electrical refurbishment and upgrades at a major railway station as part of the refurbishment in the ticket hall. We were able to tender for the contract we won because we possessed the required RISQS accreditation – RISQS (Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) to then be considered in an open, fair and transparent process. Arguably, our experience, competence, track record and proposal for the project played a role in the buyer’s decision.
  • Legal requirement –ECS card (Electrotechnical Certification Scheme) is an example of one area of accreditation that electrical companies and contractors must possess before they can operate legally in the UK. This accreditation proves that a contractor meets the required health & safety and professional competencies required to work in the electrical industry.
  • Enhance reputation – Accreditation can enhance your reputation in the sector by providing validation that you have a proven track record for a significant standard, quality or expertise. Attaining an accreditation provides evidence of your continued commitment to areas such as industry good practice, quality, safety and environmental issues distinguishes you from competitors.

Earning awards provides recognition that can ultimately influence knowledgeable clients and contractors to choose to do business with your company instead of someone else. Therefore, obtaining recognition can make a real difference to your bottom line.

This award now adds to our list of other accreditations including CHAS, SafeContractor and RISQS – all health and safety based. We have also achieved ISO9001:15 – an internationally recognised standard for quality management.

What is the Constructionline award and is it worth it?

There are a variety of accreditation that contractors can earn. Of these, Constructionline awards are a relatively new certification. It is an accreditation either required by clients who require evidence, or businesses wanting to provide evidence that they are working to industry and legislative standards, not only for health & safety but also for example, environmental and human rights issues. The Health and Safety accreditation part of the award, Acclaim, is a recognised SSIP awarding body delivered by leaders in health and safety consultancy.

Constructionline awards are also part of Supplier Assessment Services, helping it’s to members simplify procurement tasks such by evidencing alignment to PAS 91, the recommended minimum standard for construction procurement.

Constructionline’s enhanced pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) question set goes beyond the data collected by PAS91 to ensure members keep up with legislation and best practice, including Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), environmental policies and practices, modern slavery, anti-bribery & corruption, and equal opportunities.

Construction online sends up-to-date and real-time PQQ to buyers when members are tendering for contracts, thereby streamlining the process for contractors.

Achieving the gold standard recognises our commitment to always delivering the highest standards of Health, Safety and Quality for all our clients everywhere.

What winning a Constructionline award involves

Constructionline offers four levels of membership. Contractors can choose from the most basic Associate, then silver to gold and platinum. The requirements increase with each level. I can write most accurately about the method for gaining gold member accreditation as that is the award that we completed at Watkinscole.

Documenting our policies and procedures and embedding them into how the Company operates are perhaps an unacknowledged part of gaining accreditation such as Constructionline. As we are already providing exceptional quality standards and already have established systems in place, we were able to provide succinct responses and evidence for each area in the accreditation process.

The timeframe for completing the verification process took around four weeks. Through the Constructionline online portal, we uploaded our policies, procedures and other industry certifications to evidence our ability to legitimately provide specific services within the sector. Documented evidence is required for all areas of the accreditation

The Platinum level membership involves all of the above with an additional onsite audit of the contractor’s workplace.

How Gold member Constructionline status will help Watkinscole

The Constructionline award is a further testament to our commitment to prioritising the health and safety aspects of our clients, team and anyone who is affected by our work.

Together with our other construction and electrical industry accreditations, potential clients have conclusive evidence to satisfy them that Watkinscole works to the highest standards.

A benefit for us at Watkinscole whilst working towards achieving Gold Member status in the Constructionline awards gave us the opportunity to revise our current practices and consider any changes that may be required. This reinforced to our team the importance of consistently performing their roles to the highest standards.

It is easy to underestimate the sense of satisfaction that a gold membership accreditation can bring. We are confident in the knowledge that we have successfully obtained some major accreditations applicable to the electrical industry. Our track record of success in gaining such accreditations ensures that we have the processes and policies in place to continue to meet the high standards that we set for Watkinscole in order to deliver the highest level of service, whilst maintaining the safety of our site operatives and clients alike.

Going forward, we intend to utilise the benefits that the Gold award gives in making it easier to tender for the massive electrical and mechanical contracts.

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